16 maj 2016

Germany ♥ Finland, part 2

Day 2 - At the beach house
On Sunday morning we all woke up pretty late. We ate a mini brunch and then we took the car to our summer house, which lies in Vexala, 40 minutes away. 
The weather was lovely. In other words - such a perfect day! On this photo we actually were "playing" some football. Well, at least I tried. ;)

After lunch all the others came.

Time for Ice hockey!! Finland against Germany... ;)

...but the Germans got bored after the first period (I have every sympathy for you :P) so they went with the rowing boat. 

Kai got a funny idea...

... but he fell into the water!

Poor him haha, the water was freeeeeezing cold!

Some of us played football/volleyball while the others (read: Finns) were watching hockey.

Enjoying the sun on our new balcony :)

Haha models :P

Korv - Makkara - Wurst - Sausage

The masterchefs!


During their stay we played some games, which was really funny. One them was "hämta ur pupliken". The purpose is to bring a person to the chair who has something to do with the statement. Hard to explain but I think most of the Finns know this game.

Veera, Sandra and Lina :)

Smile smile :D

And THEN it was time for swimming! I was really surprised how brave the Germans were. And even I went into the water. Not only once, TWICE!

Happy students!

You'll get part three tomorrow. I have sooo many photos left, you have no idea. But I don't mind, it just reminds me how much fun it was. ♥

Now it's time to get some sleep. I've been sitting in front of the computer editing photos since I got home from school. G'night!

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