19 maj 2016

Germany ♥ Finland, part 3

Day 3 - Monday
The Germans liked the school lunch and we were like whaaat?! They have to pay about 3€/day to get something to eat, so I guess we're really lucky here in Finland.

On Monday we had quite a normal school day with classes. Some of us had free period so we went to buy ice cream. 

When we got home from school we played football and volleyball (I've never played that well before haha) with Lina, Kai, Bella and Anne. After some fun hours we freshened up and then we went by bus to the city to grab something to eat.

And as you can see we chose Friends&Brgrs. 

Unfortunately we didn't get some french fries but they liked the burgers anyway ;)

Day 4 - Tuesday
We went to Lappfors on Tuesday afternoon. Group 1 was paddling along the river while group 2 walked in the forest. When we arrived to the main destination it was time for some "manchmal" (hahah sorry, inside joke).

Later in the evening, we all came together at Lina's.

We were playing a lot of games and then we watched a horror movie. At 22.00 we switched channel to ESC. Well... everyone wasn't that happy as me ;)

Day five and day six you'll get tomorrow! Now I'm paying full attention to the ice hockey game between Finland and Denmark. Finland is a bit lazy today though...


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