22 maj 2016

Germany ♥ Finland, part 4

Day 5 - Wednesday
 Wednesday - game day! We split up in teams and team "Åhå" (picture above) was the winner.


 Team "Örn gang"

 Tug of war!

 My team, "skit-fö-te", wasn't strong enough... ;(

Team "Fran..." and I can't spell the rest of it. xD

 A break between the games.

 "Elephant football" :)  We also played it the following day, then I scored three goals. *proud* haha

 Team "Åhå" ready to play the last game.

When we got home from school Niclas and I played ice hockey (you know this board game), sadly he beat me that time... ;( Five o'clock we picked up Lina, Kai, Ella and Nadine. We were going to dine at Strand Camping with my family and the German teachers.

 I thought the pizza was their main dish, but apparently it was just the starter haha.

When we all were fine we continued to Jenna's place where everyone was waiting for us. I don't have any pictures from that night, sadly enough. This is the only one - a selfie from the car on our way to Jenna's haha.

Day 6 - Mässkär
 On the last day we went by boat to an island called Mässkär, which lies in Jakobstad's archipelago. It was a bit windy but not terribly chilly.

A guide guided us around the island.


 After lunch/dinner (we ate a really tasty salmon soup!) the boys went into the water.

Tired students waiting on the boat :')

 Kai :O  And don't ask me why he bought a... literally what is it? xD

Everyone came over to my place at eight o'clock. 

We had an ice hockey tour later in the evening and we were two persons in each team. Guess who was the winners? ;D

So, this was the last pictures from their stay here in Finland. I REALLY hope you'll come back and visit us soon ♥

I have to go! I think you know what it's time for... GO FINLAND!! 

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