15 juli 2016

Tyskland 9.7-13.7

Ready to take off.

Bye Finland! 

After a nice day in Weinheim and a nice dinner with Niclas family some of the others came. Then we continued to a party by a lake.

Frühstück outside. On Sunday it was sooo hot. Nearly 30 degrees and we Finns were dying haha.

Sweet Roby.

Yup, there was a pool in the basement ;)

Here in Finland we usually have ONE fancy car, but in this family they had three (!)  I mean, look at the pic.

On Sunday we visited Heidelberg. Such a beautiful city, I truly loved it. 

We stopped by a cozy restaurant to buy something to eat.

Touristing around.

If you go to Germany you just have to visit this city. Unfortunately we didn't go to the castle because of the heat.

A break in the shade was badly needed.

Time for some frisbee in the park.

Looking for something to eat. Haha it felt like we were eating all the time. But I love food so I didn't mind ;)

 Chilling in the grass listening to music. Later in the evening we watched the EM football final. I can tell you the Germans were a little bit depressed ;)

Monday morning. At 11:00 Niclas and Jonas were picking us up with their mopeds and then we went to school. Their school is so different compered to ours.

The view from Niclas home was amazing. Nature in Germany is stunning.


Dinner with Niclas, his lovely mum and sweet sister.

Okay this is one of the funniest things during the trip. Benjamin and Erik joined some random people who were exercising yoga. I was laughed so much.

Looking at some apartments ;)

Yes I'm wearing shorts ;)

The second last day we went to school by train.

N, you're looking like a mosquito :P

Sophia and Jenna :D

On Tuesday we went to the neighbour-city Mannheim. 

Okay, this was not my idea ;)

After the beer-museum in Mannheim we rent a "boat". So relaxing.

Mannheim above.

Smile smile :D

Adventure in the jungle, hehe.

After some busy days (but busy in a good way) it was very realxing to just sit down in a park talking about everything and anything. The weather maybe looks good but it stared to pour after a while and we all got so wet.

Last day Niclas mum had made a typical German dish - "Maultasche". To be honest it looked very strange to me but in the end it was actually really tasty.

And dessert - Vanilla ice cream with strawberries, cookies and cream. Yum!

Home! I don't no where to start... AMAZING trip, that's all I have to say. We arrived in Frankfurt on Saturday morning and left Germany on Wednesday evening. It was so sad saying goodbye but luckily we will meet them again in autumn when we're going there in collaboration with school. So this trip was just for fun and had nothing to do with our school. I was staying at Niclas (my exchange student) and I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for these days. His family was lovely and I really enjoyed my stay. I'm looking forward to spend more time in Weinheim with all new friends I've made. I paid this trip all by myself and every single cent was worth it, that's for sure. I think I'll move to Germany ;)

Again - thank you Niclas and your family for everything! 

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  1. Det ser ut att ha varit en riktigt härlig resa! Jag har mest varit i Bayern (bl.a. på utbytesstudier), så Heidelberg o.s.v. har jag inte sett ännu. Berlin har jag däremot besökt 2 gånger och så har jag varit kort i Frankfurt, samt Freiburg och Konstanz :)

    1. Carolinahannamaria15 augusti 2016 22:25

      Jamen det var det! Verkligen. Heidelberg är superfint och jag rekommenderar att om du reser till Tyskland igen är det värt ett besök. Har för mig att det är ungefär 1h från Frankfurt. Till Bayern på utbytesstudier? Åh så kul! :D